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Recommendations for travelers

Recommendations for travelers

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Safety recommendations

In Colreservas we care about your own safety and that of your family during your trip. For this reason, we recommend you to follow some advice to help you to avoid risks:

Baggage handling

- Use reliable locks or locking mechanisms while in transit (airports, terminals, ground transportation).
- If you use baggage handler service at the airport, keep track of your luggage during transit.
- If your have elements of value in your Luggage, stored them in the hotel security boxes. If the hotel does not have this service, keep your luggage locked when you are not in the room.


- When you get to a hotel, identify emergency exits and evacuation routes. In some hotels there is a nursery facility. Identify these points as if required they can help you to work faster.
- It is recommended that you acquire a travel assist card. In case of an accident or illness, you will have support without generating overruns by the urgency.

Services at the destination

- When taking a tour, follow the safety instructions given by the official guides, such as: use of life jackets, limits to pass through a place, among others.
- Before taking a service, check that it is is given by legal individuals or firms to guarantee the service offered. Avoid contracting services with no support because you could face with illegal workers who do not handle any security measures, or that do not guarantee the services sold.

Other security measures

- Take care of your personal belongings. Avoid leaving items of value alone in public places.
- If traveling with children, whatch them while making use of humed areas. Avoid accidents.
- If you are consuming alcohol, do not drive any type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, watercraft, etc.)

Enjoy a safe trip!

Responsible behavior of passengers to support sustainable development in tourism

In Colreservas we are committed to sustainable development in tourism and we invite you to apply the following responsible behaviors that as travelers you should keep in mind:

Environmental and natural heritage protection

- Throw garbage in containers ready for this purpose. If you visit nature destinations where there is no availability of cans or other containers, please keep the waste generated until you find a suitable place.
- Where possible, do separation of solid waste. This will allow recycling processes, using waste for other uses.
- Make proper use of water. Avoid wasting this valuable resource.
- Do not contaminate water sources such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes and seas. Avoid throwing solid or liquid waste affecting water sources.
- If you visit places that are part of the natural heritage, meet the standards set by each site. Avoid damaging, altering or in any way affecting ecosystems and landscapes.

Protection of flora and fauna

- Do not buy, hold or sell species of wild flora and fauna. This commercialization is illegal and is punishable by law.

Cultural heritage protection

- If you are traveling, make sure the memories you bring from the destination are not part of the country’s cultural heritage: monuments, archaeological features, ruins, jewels, stones or other items that are part of indigenous or prehistoric works.
- Do not destroy, remove, ornament or relocate any good that is part of the cultural heritage of the destination you visit.
- If you see someone trafficking with cultural property, report it to the competent authorities.
- Respect the culture of the communities you visit. Avoid teasing and activities that may offend people living in the destinations.

Protection of children and teens

- Do not seek, use or promote practices of sex tourism with minors. If you witness a situation where the sexual exploitation of under age children and adolescents is been done, report it to the competent authorities. This is a crime punishable by law.

Contribution to the economic sustainability of destinations

- Purchase items, use services and try the gastronomy of each destination. This way, you support local communities of visited destinations.

You can contribute to sustainable tourism!

You are invited to implement the above recommendations.

See the applicable legislation on sustainable tourism and the commitment that Colreservas has in its fullfilment by refering to the link at the bottom «Compromiso con la sostenibilidad». (Commitment to sustainability).